New Solution-Parking Reservation System
by Sharing Unoccupied Parking lot


Juchating is a parking lot sharing e-commerce ecosystem centered on parking lot providers,
parking lot users, and parking information providers

Need to change the way to use it,
not the lack of parking lots

Juchating is
'reservation system through sharing of Idle parking Space'
Share/sell parking spaces at “unnecessary & empty time"
and use other people's parking lots reasonably“

There is no effective system for parking lot sharing

  1. 1 When there is no efficient system for the sharing of parking lot
  2. 2 When there is no legal issues of multiple-household public houses in terms of the number of parking cars per household
  3. 3 Due to the lack of paid parking lots, the parking fines increaded to 120 billion KRW in 5 years
  4. 4 Burdensom to pay expensive parking fees
  5. 5 Excessive commissions because of intervention of brokers

Juchating's proposed solution

  1. 1 Connect the parking lot provider and the parking lot user directly
  2. 2 Resolve high fees for existing parking lots
  3. 3 Secures the reliability through the block chain and entrance and exit of the parking use are solved conveniently
  4. 4 Sharing parking lots with parking service providers around the world and quickly and easily supporting payment services
  5. 5 Support for parking lot customized algorithm technology infrastructure and operation for autonomous sales activities support of parking lot suppliers
  6. 6 Information Big Data of Parking Sharing with User Activity in accordance with the Compensation of Parking Information Provider
  7. 7 Verification and Dataization of Interactive Real Sales Influence
  8. 8 Maximize the Import of Parking Lot Suppliers Through Short-term Parking Lot Users
  9. 9 Parking lot available at Reasonable low cost

Business Solution

Juchating App

Booking/Information view/Sharing


We have developed a technology that recommends optimized parking lot programs for users and analyzes and evaluates
parking lot usage. We have experience in operating with government agencies and ordering through 'parking site
optimization recommendation algorithm' and are creating a parking ecosystem.

  • Kim,Hong Heon
  • Founder & CEO
  • Planning of Customized Algorithm for
    Shared Parking Service
  • Parking Platform UX/UI Planning and Design
  • Technical Engineer in charge of Wireless Division
    at Samsung Electronics
  • Won 2018 Smart City Week
  • Awarded by Minister of Science and
    Technology Information and Communication Award
  • 2019 Block Battle TV Show Popularity Award
  • You,Hyun Seok
  • CTO & Full-Stack Devloper
  • Development of Inspection System
    at Global SQ Research Institute
  • Development of Isclimb League Platform
  • Development of Android TV for bed
  • Renewal of Datamingo
  • Tuning JinheungSMSDB Tuning
  • Lyu,Seung Jun
  • Business Marketer
  • Hotel management degree from Seoul culture university
  • Restaurant consulting at rgmcompany
  • Viral marekting at JnJ trading company
  • Overseas marketing at Korea Aloe corp
  • Planning marketing director at stx resort
  • Kim,Jong Ho
  • Full-Stack Devloper
  • Development of IT Technology-based Kiosk
  • Development of DID in Public Institutions
  • Development of a solution for finding a way for
    Korea Electric Power Corporation
  • Development of a Climbing Solution
  • Development of mbc drama "Bed Papa" platform
  • Development of Android TV for bed
  • Kim,Eun Kyung
  • Web Designer & Publisher
  • Content Design Development at ECTACO
  • Homepage Design Development at ECTACO
  • Managing and renewing your homepage at ECTACO
  • UI Development of the website of each hospital
  • Each hospital kiosk design
  • catalog design at JHSMS
  • WhitePaper design at JUCHATING
  • OnePaper design at JUCHATING
  • Gu,Jae Young
  • Sales & Marketing Manager
  • 2016 Gayang Auto Gallery Smart Home Appliance Co., Ltd. this year's best seller
  • 2017 Gayang Auto Gallery best seller
  • 2018 Gayang Auto Gallery best seller
  • 2019 Suwon Central Trading Complex Suseong Motor Co. Excellent employee
  • 2019 Suwon Central Trading Complex Suseong Motor Co. best seller
  • 2019 Open YouTube, "Guka Jung-gocha"


  • Will O'Brien
  • Former Founder & CEO of BitGo
  • Limited Partner & Advisor of Blockchain Capital
  • Advisor of Arrington XRP Capital
  • Inverstor and advisor of Hub, Civic, Orchid, Akash, Nodle, Lottery.com, and Telegram
  • Executive of Keen IO, Big Fish Game, Tripay
  • B.A. in computer Science from Harvard University
  • MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Andre Kim
  • CEO & Co-Founder of BLOCKCHAIN i
  • Advisor of BLOCKCLOUD,Accelerator of Origo, and Chrmapolis, Incubator of Spin Protocol, Temco, Hint Chain and Insureum
  • Choi,Soon Mo
  • Chairman of the Korea Parking
    Industry Association
  • Chairman of Hyundai Bio Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman of a weekly news magazine
  • Co-Chairman of the National Association of Honam Residents
  • Co-Chair of the Council for the Advancement of Orthodox Democracy
  • Chairman of the United Democratic Party's North Gyeongsang Provincial Party
  • Chairman of the North Gyeongsang Provincial Party of the National Congress of the People's Republic of Korea
  • Association of South-North Honam Hyanghoe in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province
  • Chairman of the Youngnam Sports newspaper
  • President of education journa

Blockchain partner & Relative

Juchating is working with various relatives and affiliates to promote the parking lot sharing business.

Road MAP

Token Sale

·Total Issuance : 2,000,000,000 PSR

·Accepting Currenc : ETH & USD

·Hard Cap : $1,703,577

·Token Price : $0.0042 / PSR


Groups Token Amount (PSR) Proportion
Token Sales 400,000,000 20%
Opearation 300,000,000 15%
Marketing 200,000,000 10%
Advisor 100,000,000 5%
Team 200,000,000 10%
Reserve 300,000,000 15%
Ecosystem Activation 500,000,000 25%

PROJECT Introduction